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Starting to learn what I should have learned 20 years ago.

I've always wanted to do more with my computer than tweak my settings. I've mastered the art of tweaking my settings.

Now, I'm going to start learning what I should have learned 20 years ago, and hopefully give myself tools to make more fun stuff.

That starts with web "design". I'm doing the freeCodeCamp course and I'm going to put here all the stuff I've created based on that learning.

I'll probably also put other things, applescript, emacs lisp, and a few other things.

Nobody but me is reading this introduction, so let me wish myself good luck :)

My todo file

This file, that I started on November 26, 2019, is a regularly updated org-mode file with things I intend to do over my #10000daysofcode... It comes as the source org-mode file and as the target html exported file.


Here are the main sites I'll use to work on this new set of skills:

Logbook, 46 documented days

Season 3, 1 episode

Season 2, 14 episodes

Season 1, 31 episodes